Jared Mejia

Hi! I am a second-year MS student in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University, where I work on robot learning in the Robotics Institute advised by Professor Abhinav Gupta and closely collaborate with Professor Katerina Fragkiadaki.

I recently was accorded an Honorable Mention in the 2024 NSF GRFP competition. I am a recipient of the Rena Gurley Archibald High Scholarship Prize from Pomona College, where I studied Computer Science and Mathematics and worked with Professor Anthony Clark. I also spent summers at UC Berkeley, Checkr, and Cadence.

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I'm interested in machine learning and computer vision applied to robotics. The focus of my research is to develop methods leveraging offline data that distill perceptual and behavioral priors into embodied agents, enabling them to learn robust policies from minimal environment interactions.

prl Hearing Touch: Audio-Visual Pretraining for Contact-Rich Manipulation
Jared Mejia, Victoria Dean, Tess Hellebrekers, Abhinav Gupta
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2024
2024 ICRA Best Paper Award in Robot Manipulation Finalist
project page | abstract

prl World Models for Multi-task Robotic Pretraining
Jared Mejia, Mohan Kumar
CMU 10-707: Advanced Deep Learning, 2023

prl DaDRA: A Python Library for Data-Driven Reachability Analysis
Jared Mejia, Alex Devonport, Murat Arcak
arXiv, 2021
arXiv | code

prl Investigating Neural Network Architectures, Techniques, and Datasets for Autonomous Navigation in Simulation
Oliver Chang, Chrstiana Marchese, Jared Mejia, Anthony Clark
IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI), 2021


Teaching Assistant
(10-417/617) Intermediate Deep Learning - Professors Ruslan Salakhutdinov and Yuanzhi Li
Teaching Assistant
(CSCI158) Machine Learning - Professor David Kauchak
(CSCI101) Introduction to Langauges and Theory of Computation - Professor Kim Bruce
(CSCI062) Data Structures and Advanced Programming - Professors Anthony Clark and David Kauchak
(CSCI051) Introduction to Computer Science - Professors Tzu-Yi Chen and Eleanor Birrell
(ECON052) Principles of Microeconomics - Profesor Malte Dolde

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